Benedict Hutchinson

By annmarie.keaveney, 27 February, 2024
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Artist Biography

Benedict Hutchinson is a photographic artist who lives in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Co Tipperary, Ireland. He grew up in England where he studied Photography at Kent Institute of Art and Design (1990). 

Benedict’s work draws on the environment, sustainability and social justice. 

He has produced a number of Artists books, including Solvitur Ambulando that explores the intersection of family history and the Burntollet Ambush of the 1969 Belfast - Derry Civil Rights march. Followed by Home Place 2023, Benedict looked at rural dereliction and vacant sites in his home town of Cloughjordan. 

“My work reflects how the ecological trajectory merges and diverges with our humanity. The seasons witnessing our human condition of grappling with mortality and vulnerability.”

Benedict’s concern for the natural environment has resulted in the production of projects exploring Irish heritage apples trees and Irish Wild flowers. 

Benedict has collaborated with The Thomas MacDonagh Museum on Heritage Week funded exhibitions, as well as ongoing archival photographic work. Collaborations have also extended to work with dance artists Julie Lockett, Instant Dissidence. Currently Benedict is co-creating with Slovenian transmedia performance artist, Jatun Risba. An innovative merging of the body and photography.

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