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By administrator, 20 July, 2023
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My name is Tara Power and I am an actor, writer, singer, drama facilitator and lecturer. I worked in Beijing as a drama facilitator and creator of work for early years for several years. I also act in theatre, TV, film and voice-over and I am currently part of a radio drama production with Green Ember Arts. 

I write interactive drama for children and I teach drama in education in the School of Social Science, Language and Law on the Early Childhood BA in TU Dublin. I have completed a master's in Higher Education and my research examined online role-play to foster social skills. 

My facilitation work includes teaching various subjects through drama in primary schools and for outreach projects specialising in process drama. I am interested in working on more community projects using drama and believe that process drama and storytelling can be a wonderful medium with which to work with all types of groups.

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