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By annmarie.keaveney, 19 October, 2023
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Suzanne hails from Carrickfergus. Having studied at UUJ, DIT, TCD and UUC she relocated to Warsaw, Poland in 2006 due to her husband’s work commitments. There she was a Music Specialist at the British School. Suzanne also implemented the inaugural ABRSM examination session in Warsaw along with regular gigs for embassies.

On return to Tipperary in 2010 Suzanne undertook her Speech and Drama teaching diploma with Miriam Daly accredited by Royal Victoria College, London. In 2013 she was added to the panel of local centre examiners for the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Suzanne also accompanies grade exams, recitals, auditions and Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate practicals.

Suzanne’s main interests are Musical Theatre and Music as Therapy. The latter demonstrated in her voluntary position as Lead Musical Director for ‘Something to Sing About- global choir for cancer survivors’ from 2013-2016. Suzanne has been involved in numerous shows both on stage, in the pit, conducting and directing. She established Rockwell Music Academy in 2017 and has grown it to a student database of 500 over two sites. 

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